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During the past 12 months we have run an event with 8 writers last Summer.

The weather was great so we were able to use the garden as well as both floors in the shop.
The writers were: Chris Priestley, Guinevere Glasfurd, Jamie Delano, Ian Andrew, Alison Bruce, Ian Whates, Jane E James and Mark Fryday.
On 21 January Susie Steiner came to chat about her experiences, sign books and do a Q&A session. It went off with a bang when one of the staff opened a bottle of Cava in the middle of the shop. Luckily only a couple of books were hit! We were particularly delighted that Susie came as her book Missing, Presumed and her new one Persons Unknown are both set in the town. What we didn’t expect was the number of people who belong to bookclubs coming with pages of notes about the town. One was thrilled the 11:30 pm bus really did exist. Susie coped brilliantly with the questions. We discovered that the character’s opinions are not always the same as the writers and that even with a work of fiction the audience expect the details about the town to be accurate. No small challenge in crime fiction!

We also have some joint events planned with the library. We have always been keen to work with the library, however, it has taken a change in their management for this to happen. So we are going to have Where’s Wally standees in our shop and the library to celebrate the town Where’s Wally hunt throughout July. 10 retailers and the library are on our map and have stickers for the map. We then give 10 Where’s Wally books as prizes which are handed out by the bookshop. It has been a challenge over the last 4 years to hang on to the little standees. Each shop and the library have one and move it every day so the families have to hunt for the location and the standee! We also publish the map on Twitter and Facebook as well as email it to previous participants so the interest has increased every year.


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