Gaming accessories & rolepaying evenings

The objective was to create a business in the heart of Huntingdon that turned a profit, created a social hub for a wide age group - offering space for browsing, shopping, sharing knowledge and was interactive.

Something that could not be achieved through the internet alone.

This year as well as continuing to make a profit, we are running boardgame and roleplaying game nights on Tuesdays and Saturday evenings in the main shop.
This causes much interest from those passing by on their way up the High Street, the groups vary from 4 to 12 in size and although we have more people interested we have made the decision to keep the group size small so we can continue to run them in the shop (not a lot of room in a Tudor shop!) and maximise social interaction.

It is a good opportunity to introduce attendees to our wide range of products and they are quick to spot the new stock.
As well as the games, we also stock all the associated books and cards.

As well as participants the games are run by different games masters who bring their skills and knowledge and so the shop continues to be a real learning hub as well as a retail space.

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